Work Is King

Create A Lifestyle Where You Can Live & Work Authentically By Doing Work That You Love. Let's Go On This Journey Together!

This site explores tips, tools & information on career change and how to live more happy.

What is this site about?

If your wondering, be ready to chase your dreams and read below!

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Hi, my name is Tracey and Work Is King was created to be a one-stop information resource where you can get tools & ideas to do work you love and live the lifestyle that you want.

My goal is to share different perspectives on how work can be accomplished through some of the following ways: 

  • A freelancer/independent contractor

  • An employee/employer relationship

  • A small business owner


Any combination that adds up to getting you to utilize all your talents so that you can live life to the fullest. And to inspire you to dream again.

My perspective is that if you choose the lifestyle that is comfortable for you and then create work around that then you will be a happy and fulfilled person.

Why I Created This Site

This site was created because I was frustrated and challenged with not fitting into the traditional corporate world of how work is done. I found MANY people along the way who have had similar feelings and I would often share tips and suggestions with them on different career tools that I came across in my quest to live my life on my own terms. 

The Aha Moment!

 I decided that it might be helpful to create a platform where I could share those ideas in one place. I left the 9-5 world behind to start my own virtual assistant business support company and became vigorously determined to help people create the awesome life they want to live by sharing information and creating a supportive community. 

What Is The Meaning Behind The Name?

The name was created out of a little bit of cynicism in that work seems to be the number one constant in all our lives outside of breathing, eating and sleeping. We all need a way to generate an income and we all in my opinion would rather do that in a way that resonates with who we truly are versus living a life that is less than authentic because we only live once.

About the Author


Tracey is a free-spirited and ambitious entrepreneur. She is the Founder & CEO of Sunny Virtual Business Support a virtual assistant company offering virtual bookkeeping and office administration support focused on serving the health and wellness community.

Her favorite things to do are doing Zumba, playing outside, enjoying her pet kids, listening to motivational podcast, reading interesting books, being of service to others, creating music & figuring out ways to live life on her own terms:)